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Plastic Surgery Instruments
Plastic Surgery Instruments Plastic Surgery Instruments

We offer plastic surgery instruments which are available in multiple configurations. The plastic surgery instruments offered by us are used in different type of plastic surgeries. Our highly sophisticated plastic surgery instruments are widely used to perform flawless surgeries. The plastic surgery instruments are fabricated using high quality materials for the safe and precision use. The state of art plastic surgery instruments is available at the industry leading prices.

Plastic Surgery Catalogue 2016


Jansen Baynot  Packing Forceps Plain FF Adson Forceps Tooth FF Hartman Packing Forceps FF

Tilley Packing Forceps FF Lempert Rongeur Straight FF Lempert Rongeur Curved  FF Plester  Self Retaining Retractor

Jenkins Gouge  FF  Killian Nasal Speculum Medium FF Cottle Retractor Sharp FF Gillies Skin Hook FF

Cottle Uper Lateral Retractor FF Kilner Alar Retractor FF Kilner Retractor Suction with Dissector FF Freer  Elevator      

Cottle Elevator FF Joseph Nasal Elevator FF Tilley Septum Gouge V Shape FF Killian Nasal Gouge FF

Heymann Scissors Stainless Steel FF Foman Angular Scissors Stainless  Steel FF Knapp Scissors Straight Stainless Steel

Cottle Septal Scissors Skin Biopsy Punch FF Walsham Septum Straight Forceps FF Walsham Septum Forceps Left                

Walsham Septum Forceps Right Ash Septum Forceps FF Septum Morcelizer FF

Aufricht Nasal Retractor with Fiber Optic Light Carrier  FF Aufricht  Retractor Nasal with Handle Silver Chisel Left

Silver Chisel Straight FF Cinelli Nasal Osteotome Gillies Osteotome  FF Joseph Nasal Saw Right   FF Aufricht Rasp FF

Aufricht Nasal Rasp FF Maltz Rasp FF  Mallet FF Autoclave Instruments Box with Silicon Matt FF Catlage Crusher FF

Caliper FF Silver Skin Grafting Knife For Saving Blades FF Humby Skin Grafting Handle FF

Masing Elevator with Graduated FF Dingman Mouth Gag with 3 Tongue Plate FF Heister Mouth Gag FF

Doyan Mouth Gag Adult FF Doyan Mouth Gag Child FF B.P. Handle No.3 FF B.P. Handle No.4 FF B.P. Handle No.7      

Bard Parker Blade No23  (Per Box)  FF Micro Forceps with Platform Plain Stainless Steel FF

Micro Forceps with Platform Tooth Stainless Steel FF Micro Jeweller Forceps Stainless Steel

Micro Scissors Spring Flat Straight Stainless Steel FF Micro Scissors Spring Flat Curved  Stainless Steel FF

Mosquito Forceps Straight Stainless Steel FF Mosquito Forceps Curved Stainless Steel FF Fiber Optic Head Light Band

Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Light Source Double Point24v 250w FF Heavy Duty Micro Motors  

Artery Forceps Straight Stainless Steel Kochers Forceps Curved Stainless Steel Dissecting Forceps Tooth Stainless Steel

Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Stainless Steel Bozemann Needle Holder Stainless Steel Gillies Neddle Holder with Scissors

Needle Holder Fine Tungsten Carbide ( Golden ) Wire Holding Forceps Iris Scissors Straight Stainless Steel

Metzenbaum Scissors Curved Stainless Steel Metzenbaum Scissors Curved Stainless Steel Mayo’s Scissors  Straight         

Allis Tissue Forceps Kilner Retractor  Blunt Ribbon (Carins Strip Retractor) Malleable Retractor Lane’s Retractor

Bone Cutter Stille Ruskin Bone  Rongeur Curved Stille Ruskin Bone  Rongeur Straight

Tourniquet With Pump Along with 3 Cup Micro Bone Drill Universal Hand Drill Debakey Bull-Dog Clamps

Micro Forceps Round Straight Stainless Steel Micro Forceps Round Curved Stainless Steel

Micro Jeweller Forceps Stainless Steel FF Micro Needle Holder Flat with Lock  Curved  Stainless Steel FF

Micro Scissors Spring Heaney/Simon (Retractor) Fiber Optic Light Deavers Retractors  with Fiber Optic Light B.P Handle Round

B.P Handle Curved B.P Handle Bayonet Stevens Scissors Straight Stainless Steel Stevens Scissors Curved Stainless Steel

Needle Holder RyderTungsten Carbide ( Golden ) Crile Wood Debakey Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide ( Golden )

Killner Needle Holder Fine FF Senning Needle Holder  

Micro Scissors Spring Round Micro Scissors Spring Flat

Micro Apply Clamps Double Mosquito Forceps Atraumatic  Serrations Straight Mosquito Forceps Atraumatic  Seraations

Measuring Clamp Caliper Curved FF Measuring Scale Nose Tip Marker Rollet Retractor Spring Action Freer Knife

Cottle Mckenty Elevator Cohen Elevator Pennington Elevator Nagata Elevator Walter Elevator Peristal Elevator

Columella Nasal Clamp Osteotome Moon Type FF Fomon Double Ended Rasp Cottle Septal Scissors Double Action

Derma Brazier Burrs  Screw Driver With Adjustable Screw Driver Plain K Wire  Introducer Plate Bender

Plate Holding Bone Holding Forceps Tendon Holding Forceps Check Retractor  Mouth Gag Rose Raspatory Left Angle Rose Raspatory Right Angle Mc-Indoe Elevator Maxilla Mobilizer Elevator Obwegeser Raspatorien

Obwegeser Raspatorien Langenbeck Elevator Langenbeck Elevator Gelpi Retractor Rowe Zygomatic Elevator

Bristow Malar Elevator Hayton Williams Forceps Hayton Williams Forceps Row Disimpaction Forceps Left

Row Disimpaction Forceps Right Bone Awl  Large Ramus Retractor Channel Retractor Sharp

Channel Retractor Blunt Chin Retractor Muco Periost Retractor Muco Periost Retractor Arch Bar Soft Tissue Retractor

Soft Tissue Retractor Hair Transparent Punch  Disposable Skin Punch Disposable Skin Punch Disposable Skin Punch 

Disposable Skin Punch Disposable Skin Punch Skin Punch Stainless Steel Skin Stainless Steel Punch

Watson Skin Grafting Handle FF Skin Grafting Knife Blade Lighted Freeman Flap Retractor with Fiber Optic Light

Biggs Mammaplasty Retractor with suction & Fiber Light Carrier Tannetts Retractor With Fiber Optic Illumination & Irrigation Tube Tebbetts  Retractor with Fiber Optic Illumination &Irrigation Tube

Tebbetts Style (With Tooth Serrated End)Product No Blade

Ferriera Style (With Smooth End) Product Blade  Marx Breast Retractor  Solz    Breast Retractor

Agris Dingman Transauxillary Breast Dissector Pair

Mac Collum Dingman Transauxillary Breast Dissector Angled Shaft Freeman Rake

Yancoskie Abdominoplasty Retractor Liposuction Cannula With Adopter

Cannula & Syringe For Infiltration Curved Malinac Nasal  Retractor Joseph Retractor Fine Sharp FF

Measuring Chisel Chalazion Clamp Hair Transparent Punch & Introducer Skin Biopsy Punch Forceps Fine

Metzenbaum Scissors Green Berg Scissors Fomon  Angular ScissorsHeymann Scissors      

Pott’s Angle Scissors O’ Brein Stitch Removal Wire Cutting Scissors Dissecting Forceps Plain

 Adson Forceps Fine Tooth FF Jansen Baynot Packing Forceps Plain Bozemann Needle Holder Gillies Needle Holder With Scissors Mathieu Needle Holder Mathieu Needle Holder

Wire Holding Force Micro Needle Holder Cottle Rasp FF Double Action Rasp Medium Cutting

Double Action Rasp Sharp Cutting  FF Top Cutter Cutting Wire Wire Cutter Fine Adson Forceps Micro Forceps Round