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Jullundur Surgical Works is considered one of the leading names in manufacturing and supplying premier range of ENT instruments. The wide range of ENT instruments includes precision surgical instruments. They allow efficient and safe surgical operations to take place. The ENT instruments are manufactured from industrial grade metals. The metals which are used in ENT instruments manufacturing are corrosion free. The ENT instruments manufactured by us are known for their innovative designs and best quality which assists in easy usage.

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Gruber Aural Speculum Set of 4, Hartmann-Black Aural Speculum Set of 4,Hartmann Aural Speculum Set of 4, Heath Aural Speculum Set of 4 Oval Shape ,

Holmgren Self Retaining Aural Speculum,Rosen Aural Speculum Set of 4,Shea Aural Speculum Set of 4,Rosen Aural Slotted Speculum Set of 4,

Tumarkin Tapered Slotted Aural Speculum Set of 4, Aural Syring All Metal with 2 Pipes Conical,Siegle Pneumatic Speculum Set of 3,

 Hz,Hartmann,Tuning Forks Hz,Eustachian Catheter,Formby Cerumen Scoop and Hook,Jobson Horne Probe,Hovell Wax Loop,Foreign Body Removin Foreign Body and Hard Wax Removing Ring Curette Buck  Wagner Hook Delicate Wire Wax Remover Fagge Aural Forceps Plain S.S.  Fagge Aural Forceps 1x2 Tooth S.S.  Wilde Aural Forceps Adson Forceps Plain S.S.  Adson Forceps Tooth S.S Ossicle Holding Clamp Hartmann Aural Forceps Tilley Aural Forceps Lempert Nibbling Forceps Straight Lempert Nibbling Forceps Curved Fine Lempert Endaural Speculum Plester Self Retaining Retractor Prongs Wullstein Self Retaining Retractor Prongs Wullstein Self Retaining Retractor 3x4 Prongs Plester Self Retaining Retractor Right Solid Blade Plester Self Retaining Retractor Left Solid Blade  Cone Self Retaining Adjustable

Plester Jansen Retractor Right Solid Blade Plester Jansen Retractor Left Solid Blade Jansen Retractor Lempert Mastoid Curette Lempert Mastoid Curette Jansen Chisel

Jansen Osteotome Jenkins Gouge Farabeuf Elevator Kerrison Punch Upward Cutting Lake Seeker House Graft Press Forceps Temporal Bone Holder

Barron Suction Tube Ferguson Suction Tube Size  Lempert Mastoid Suction Tube  Verhoeven Suction Tube  Verhoeven Suction Tubes Adaptor Micro Instruments Tray for Forceps & Micro Point with Silicone Mat Micro Instrumentsa Micro Aural Crocodile Forceps Micro Aural Cup Forceps Aural Scissors MC - Gee Wire Closing Forceps Grommet Tube Inserter Teflon Piston Holding Forceps Micro Aural Polypus Forceps House Dieter Malleus Nippers Up

House Dieter Malleus Nippers Down Wullstein Needle Straight Sharp – S.S. Wullstein Needle Very Slight Curved Sharp – S.S. Wullstein Needle Slight Curved Sharp – S.S.

Wullstein Needle Strong Curved Sharp – S.S. Micro Pick  Micro Pick – S.S. Plester Foot Plate Hook (Crocia) Pick Dr. Kirtane Perforator with Guard Size

Dr. Kirtane Perforator with Guard Size Dr. Kirtane Perforator with Guard Size  House Curette Double Ended Dr. Dhingra Sickle Knife with Saw Sickle Knife  Rosen Elevator

Plester First Incision Knife Beales Raspatory Fisch Raspatory Right Fisch Raspatory Left Myringotomy Knife Rosen Curette Rosen Curette Double Curved Rosen Curette

Circular Cutting Knife 600  Small Circular Cutting Knife Curved Circular Knife with Hole Ball Probe Larkin Penetrator Burr House Measuring Rods Shea Piston Depth Gouge

Measuring Jig Stainless Steel Cutting Burr  Tungsten Carbide Cutting Burr Tungsten Carbide Cutting Burr Diamond Paste Burr Diamond Paste Burr Stainless Steel Cutting Burr Oval Shape

Burr Stand Block Gradenigo Tuning Forks  with Fixed Weights Sickle Knife  Angled Elevator Circular Cutting Knife 60° Large House Measuring Rods House Measuring Rods

Killian Nasal Speculum  Hartmann Nasal Speculum Killian Nasal Speculum with Fiber Optic Light  St. Clair Thomson Nasal Speculum Set of 3 Thudichum Nasal Speculum Set of 3

Cottle Retractor Blunt Cottle Retractor Sharp Gillies Skin Hook Cottle Upper Retractor Alar Retractor Kilner Retractor Blunt Dissector with Succer Dr. Dhingra Retractors Set of 3

Freer Elevator SMR Elevator Broad Cottle Elevator Slight Curved Masing Elevator with Graduated Howarth Elevator Dr. V.P. Sood Elevator Joseph Nasal Elevator Tilley Septum Gouge

Killian Nasal Gouge Ballenger Swivel Knife Bayonet Heymann Turbinectomy Scissors Luc Nasal Turbinate Forceps Oval Shape (Small) Foman Angular Scissors

Abbey Sub Mucosal Resection Suction Tube Abbey Sub Mucosal Resection Needle Abbey Sub Mucosal Resection Knife Tilley Lichtwitz Antral Trocar & Cannula

Antral Wash Rubber Syringe Knapp Scissors Straight – S.S. Knapp Scissors Curved – S.S. Steven Scissors Straight – S.S. Steven Scissors Curved – S.S. Foman Upper Lateral Scissors

Iris Scissors Straight – S.S. Iris Scissors Curved – S.S. Cottle Septal Scissors Spring Angular Bows Watson Williams Nasal Polypus Forceps Biopsy Punch Forceps Septum Cutting Punch

Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps Walsham Septum Forceps Left Walsham Septum Forceps Right Ash Septum Forceps  Septum Morcelizer

Aufright Nasal Retractor with Fiber Optic Light Aufright Nasal Retractor Silver Chisel Left Silver Chisel Right Silver Chisel Straight

Rozner Nasal Osteotome  Gillies Chisel Gillies Gouge  Gillies Gouge Measuring Osteotome  Joseph Nasal Saw Left Joseph Nasal Saw Right Maltz Rasp Joseph Nasal Rasp Fine

Aufright Nasal Rasp Joseph Nasal Rasp Mallet Ross Raspatory Left Ross Raspatory Right Instrument Box  Autoclave Instrument Box with Silicon Matt Wire Cutting Scissors

Catlage Crusher Caliper Straight Silver Skin Grafting Knife for Saving Blades use Humby Skin Grafting Handle  Cable  Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Straight – S.S.

Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Curved – S.S. Septum Cutting Scissors  Measuring Osteotome  Fomon Fine Cutting Rasp – S.S. Fomon Medium Cutting Rasp – S.S.

Fomon Sharp Cutting Rasps – S.S. SINUSCOPY INSTRUMENTS  Sinuscope Straight Forward Wide Angle Sinuscope Lateral Wide Angle Sinuscope Handle Round,

Trocar and Cannula for Sincuscopy O.D  Length of the Cannula  BillShaped Beak Antrum Curette  Forward Cutting Antrum Curette Backward Cutting

Antrum Curette Oval Double Curved Masing Elevator with Graduated Monopolar Suction Tube 5FR Suction Irrigation Tube with Channel for Inflow and Outflow 3FR

V. Eicken Antrum Cannula Long Curved 5FR Antrum Ball Probe Double Ended Malleable Probe  D.C.R. Dilator  Dr. Kirtane Elevator with Knife Antrum Monopolar

Antrum Ball Probe Single Ended Sinus Sickle Knife Pointed Tip Sinus Sickle Knife Round Tip D.C.R. Probe Set of 3 Nasal Scissors, Serrated Blades working Length

Nasal Scissors, Serrated Blades working Length Nasal Scissors, Serrated Blades working Length Left  Blakesley Nasal Forceps Straight

Blakesley Nasal Forceps Up Blakesley Nasal Forceps Up 900 Blakesley Nasal Forceps Down Through Cutting Punch Frontal Sinus Punch Forceps Double Action Cup  Through Cutting Punch Frontal Sinus Punch Forceps 550 Double Action Cup Working Length  Big – S.S. Antrum Punch Backward Cutting,

Antrum Punch Backward Cutting, Working Length Through Cutting Punch Straight Through Cutting Punch Circular Mushroom Cutting

Circular Mushroom Cutting Punch Straight Antrum Punch, through Cutting Wide  Working Length with Reservoir to Pickup and Collect Bone Material

Antrum Punch, through Cutting Wide Working Length  with Reservoir to Pickup and Collect Bone Material D.C.R. Punch  Monopolar Suction Tube

Suction Irrigation Tube with Channel for Inflow and Outflow Suction Irrigation Tube with Channel for Inflow and Outflow Tracheotomy  Tube Silicone

TONSILLECTOMY INSTRUMENTS Tongue Depressor Set of 3 Negus Tonsil Artery Forceps Half Curved Negus Tonsil Artery Forceps Full Birkett tonsil Artery Forceps

Birkett Tonsil Artery Forceps  Metzenbaum Scissors Denis Browne Tonsil Holding Forceps Colver Tonsil Holding Forceps

Negus Pusher Knot Tier Eve Tonsil Snare Wire Hurd Tonsil Dissector Hanke Tonsil Dissector One Side Serrated Tonsil Pillar Retractor Dissector Tonsil Knife Tongue Tie Probe Yankauer Tonsil Suction Tube Backmann Adenoid Curette Clair Thompson Adenoid Curette with Cage  Waugh Tonsil Dissection Forceps Plain Waugh Tonsil Dissection Forceps Tooth Boyle Davis Mouth Gag with 3 Tongue Plates Child Boyle Davis Mouth Gag with 4 Tongue Plates Adult Doughty Slotted Mouth Gag with  Tongue Plates Draffin Bipod Stand with Plates Dingman Mouth Gag with 3 Tongue Plates Heister Mouth Gag Doyan Mouth Gag Adult LARYNX/TRACHEOTOMY INSTRUMENTS Laryngeal Mirrors without Handle Post Rhinoscopic Mirror without Handle Mirror Handle Tongue Holding Forceps Backhaus Towel Forceps Langen Beck Retractor Small Volkmann Retractor

Magill Intratracheal Catheter Forceps Medium Magill Intratracheal Catheter Forceps Large Tracheal Dilating Forceps Towel Clip Cross Section Tracheal Retractor

Prong Sharp  Fuller Tracheotomy Tube all Metal  Jackson Tracheotomy Tube All Metal (Export Quality) Bard Parker Handle Bard Bard Parker  Lamp for Laryngoscope Magill Laryngoscope with Blade Set of 2 Blades Magill Laryngoscope with Blade Set of 3 Blades Magill Laryngoscope with Blade Set of 4 Blades

Mc Intosh Laryngscope with Blade Set of 3 Blades Ma Intosh Laryngoscope with Blade Set of 4 Blades Silicone  Silicone Block  Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

LARYNGO-BRONCHO-OESOPHAGOSCOPY Anterior Commisure Laryngoscope with Fiber Optic Light Carrier Pediatric

Anterior Commisure Laryngoscope with Fiber Optic Light Carrier Adult Anterior Commisure Laryngoscope with Fiber Optic Light Carrier

Hypo Pharyngoscope with Fiber Light Carrier Child Hypo Pharyngoscope with Fiber Light Carrier Adult  Negus Anterior Commisure Laryngoscope with Long Cut with Fiber Optic Carrier Jackson Laryngoscope Adult with Fiber Optic Carrier Laryngoscope Holder and Chest support Monopolar Laryngeal Needle Laryngeal Suction Tubes Monopolar Laryngeal Suction Tube Micro Laryngeal Forceps Serrated Jaw  Patterson Biopsy Forceps Jackson Grasping Forceps  Vocal Nodule Forceps Biopsy Punch Forceps Micro Laryngeal Swab Holder Micro Laryngeal Knife Straight Micro Laryngeal Probe 900 Micro Laryngeal Probe Straight Micro Laryngeal Plaster Oval Knife  Micro Laryngeal Round Knife  Micro Laryngeal Peeling Knife Micro Laryngeal Handle Bronchoscope with Fiber Light Carrier Oesophagoscope with Fiber Light Carrier  Bronchoscope Suction Tubes Tele-Laryngo-Pharyngoscope Flexible Rhino Laryngo Pharyngoscope Micro Forceps Plain Micro Forceps Tooth Micro Spring Scissors Flat Micro Spring Scissors Flat Cheatle Forceps  Cheatle Jar Kilner Needle Holder Fine Micro Fine Needle Holders  Mosquito Forceps Mosquito Forceps Curved Atomiser Porp Torp Grommet Teflon Piston Formalin Chamber  Silastic Sheet Silicon Tube Per Meter Fiber Optic Head Light Band

Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Cold Light Source Double Point Fiber Optic Double Light Source Single Point 15V - 150W Ultra Compact Mini Xenon Light Source Bulls Eye Lamp Folding Murphy Head Mirror Surgical Tray with Lid Heavy Stainless Steel Dressing Drum Seamless Stainless Steel  Measuring Bowl Bad Pans

Bowl Stainless Steel Kidney Tray Kidney Tray Eurovac Electric Suction Machine Electric Portable Single Drum Autoclave Stainless Steel Heavy Duty  Micro Handpiece

Micro Straight Handpiece with  RPM Micro Surgical Straight Handpiece with 40,000 RPM Micro Surgical Angular Handpiece with 50,000 RPM to 80,000 RPM

Micro Motor with foot Control Premium Class ENT Treatment & Operating Patient Chair Hydraulic Doctor’s Stool Patient Chair Electro Surgical Cautery Unit (Digital)

Cordless Ready Light Ear Piercing System  Flexible Examine Light Fiber Optic Temporal Bone Dissecting & O.P.D. Microscope Loups 2.5x Micro Fine Needle Holder – S.S.

Micro Laryngeal Sickle Knife Curved Surgical Micro Drill Heavy Duty Micro Motors for Forward & Reverse Cutting 40,000 RPM Weerda Distending Operating Laryngoscope  Large Adult Size F.O.L.L Injection Cannula Insertable Suction Tube Tonsil Needle Holder – S.S. Kilner Retractor Sharp Jewellers Forceps

 Micro Spring Needle Holders Micro Spring Needle Holders with lock Curved – S.S. Oesophageal Buggies 40 FG ENT Treatment Unit – Basic ENT UNIT ENT Treatment Unit – Majestic ENT UNITENT Treatment Unit – Unique ENT UNIT ENT Treatment Unit – Grand Majestic ENT UNIT Temporal Bone Work Station Endoscope Sterilizer System Endoscopy Camera Metzenbaum Scissors Iris Scissors  Knapp Scissors Stevens Dressing ScissorsGreen Berg Scissors Foman Angular Scissors) Heymann Turbinectomy Scissors Wire Cutting Scissors Adson Forceps Plain Fagge Aural Forceps PlainTonsil Needle Holder  

Micro Spring Needle Holder with Lock Straight  Cottle Rasp Fine Cutting  Nasal Rasp with Diamond Cutting - Polishing

Wire Cutter Fine Adson Forceps  Wullstein Needle Very Slight Micro Pick  Micro Pick Perforator with Guard Size Sickle Knife Rosen Elevator  Plester First Incision Knife